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How to connect FMUSER FBE encoders using a 4G/wcdma SIM card?

Date:2017/10/25 17:53:34 Hits:
FMUSER FBE series encoders usually works with an active wifi network or through the LAN port of a router, but what do you do when you are in a site without wifi? We might have a solution now.

Using the 3G/4G network from SIM card through a small device called Mobile Wifi Pro2 made by HUAWEI enables you to stream anywhere, this Mobile wifi Pro2 supports WCDMA network, the only thing you need to do is to insert SIM card into the card slot, then the encoder and share the wifi network for streaming. 

Besides, this device also equips a LAN port for output, thus it can also be used for PC or other LAN port based internet devices. 

Click here for more about this mobile wifi device.

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