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What's the Difference Between FM Transmitters and Low Power FM Transmitters?

Date:2019/8/22 14:32:42 Hits:

Whether you are a radio broadcasting hobbyist, or a full time disc jockey/talk show host, nothing is more crucial than your radio transmitter. Other components found within this industry such an amplifier, oscillator, modulator, power supply, and antennas are integral in radio broadcasting, but without a good transmitter, all supplementary equipment can be for naught. 

Even though radio broadcasting has enjoyed much popularity for nearly a century, most people are unfamiliar with the way that FM transmitters send signals to create sound within the broadcasting area. Again, familiarity with something such as radio doesn’t mean people understand it. The same principle applies to other forms of technology such as copiers, fax machines, the internet, etc. When compared to other communication tools, low power FM or LPFM transmitters are actually fairly simple.

LPFM Low power FM transmitters allow signals to be transmitted to a small area. For example, a large-scale radio program might have transmitters that use a huge amount of wattage with capabilities of transmitting sound to large areas. LPFM or Low power FM transmitters generally range between 50-1000 watts. The smaller the number of watts associated with the transmitter, the smaller the possible audience. The difference between large radio stations and their technology compared to those who run a low power FM radio station is simply the size of the transmitter.

Radio broadcasting is not only a career for some, but it’s also a hobby or charitable project for others, as well as a useful tool for small communities and businesses who wish to project sound to a desired audience. If you are interested in learning more about your low power FM transmitter options, FMUSER  is eager to listen to you and help you find the best low power FM transmitter to meet your needs. Contact us today!

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