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Date:2020/2/14 15:23:58 Hits:

Twentyfour-channel 24-bit / 192 kHz Digital I/O, DanteBSW PART: AURORA-N-24DNT

The Aurora’s future-proof design is expanded in the Aurora(n). New enhancements and capabilities will be made available through firmware upgrades. L Slot expansion slots allow for a wide array of current connectivity options to include Thunderbolt, Dante, ProTools|HD, USB and future formats. Expandable audio I/O modules are being developed to include pre amp, analog summing, digital I/O (AES3 + ADAT) which will be available in 2017. This makes for an Aurora(n) that will perform exceptionally for you now and remain innovative well into the future.

Main Features:

* Complete redesign integrating Hilo Converter Technology (HCT) for analog I/O achieving significant improvements in transparency and reductions of both noise and distortion.
* Available in 8-channel, 16-channel, 24-channel and 32-channel configurations.
* LSlotTM expansion slot for Thunderbolt, Dante, USB, ProTools|HD connectivity and more.
* Configurable I/O - pre-amp, analog summing & AES3+ADAT modules.
* Up to 32-channels of real-time recording and playback via on-board Micro SD card
* 2 audiophile-grade headphone outputs
* 1 in/3 out Word clock I/O with Lynx exclusive second generation SynchroLock-2 sample clock technology

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