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FMUSER Corona Virus Prevention Guide - How to Prevent Coronavirus

Date:2020/3/16 16:04:52 Hits:

At the end of the epidemic in China, the new coronavirus CONVID-19 in many countries has been outbreaking. As an ordinary Chinese who came out of the epidemic, the staff of FMUSER, I will show you what to do according to my personal experience, I hope it will helpful for you.

1.What  is a coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large family of different viruses which may additionally motive sickness in animals or humans. two in humans, numerous coronaviruses are recognized to motive respiratory infections ranging from the frequent bloodless to greater extreme diseases.

The most frequent signs of COVID-19 are fever, tiredness, and dry cough. Some sufferers might also have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea. These signs are typically moderate and start gradually.

Some human beings come to be contaminated however don’t boost any signs and do not experience unwell.

Around 1 out of each and every 6 human beings who receives COVID-19 will become significantly sick and develops subject breathing. Older people, and these with underlying clinical issues like excessive blood pressure, coronary heart troubles or diabetes, are greater probably to improve serious illness. About 2% of humans with the sickness have died. People with fever, cough and problem respiration need to searching for clinical attention.

2.Corona virus route of transmission

(1)Transmìssìon through respiratory droplets

Hydrousparticleswith diametergreaterthan 5um 5umJ

Enter the sensitive mucosal surface through a certain distance (generally1m)

(2) Contact transmission

Such as: Cough, sneeze or less than one-meter talk

3.Corona Virus Protection Process

A. Work place protection, non-public protection, domestic protection
B. Wash your hands frequently, don’t go out without urgent piece of work, and put on a mask at your face to cover your nose and mouth when you want to go out.
C. According to the out of doors air conditions, attempt to reap room ventilation
D. Do each day cleansing and disinfection deeply all your room and cell phone and other daily usage items. 

4. How to protect yourself from the new corona virus pneumonia infection?
1)Reduce recreation in crowded locations and keep away from contact with sufferers with respiratory infections
2)Enhance bodily health and immunity (balanced weight loss program / reasonable exercising / work
schedule / keep away from immoderate fatigue)
3)Keep the surroundings smooth and ventilated, and open the window at least three instances a day for 20 ~ 30 minutes every time
4)Maintain appropriate respiratory hygiene
5)Symptoms of respiratory tract infections, domestic isolation, extreme instances for early scientific treatment
6)Avoid contact with natural world and poultry
7)Wash your arms regularly barring touching your eyes, nostril or mouth with soiled hands

8 )Wear protective clothing when you must go out

5. How can individuals go to public places to prevent new corona virus pneumonia?
1. Avoid contact with farm animals or wild animals except protection;
2. When coughing or sneezing, definitely cowl your nose with paper towels or sleeves or elbows, throw the used paper towels into the closed trash immediately, and wash your arms with cleaning soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer;
3. Wash your palms in time after going home. If you have fever and different signs and symptoms of respiratory infections, mainly chronic fever, go to the health center in time;
4. Try to keep away from a variety of parties.

Summary: Try to nottogoout without emergency work,pay attentionto maintainindoorair ventilation,andavoidgoingtocrowdedplaces (suchashospitals, trainstations,airports,etc.)Do your exerciseathome. If conditions allowed, bask in the sun on your very own balcony, and the virus will die after being uncovered to ultraviolet rays for an hour.

6.When the raise large epidemic in your area, you can take the following measures to protect yourself!
A. What should we do on the way to work?
1. Medical surgical masks need to be worn properly;
2. Try no longer to take public transportation. It is endorsed to stroll / bicycle or take a non-public vehicle to work. If you have to take public transportation, you need to put on a mask on your face all the way, and strive to keep away from touching the gadgets on the vehicle with your hands.

B. What should we do when entering the office building?
Before coming into the workplace building, consciously accept body temperature monitoring. If the body temperature is normal, you can work in the building and wash your hands in the toilet. If the body temperature exceeds 37.2 °, please do now not go into the building to work and go home to observe the rest. After the whole thing is normal, you can enter the office.

C. What should we do when entering the office?
Keep clean the office frequently.Itisrecommendedtoventilate3timesaday for20~ 30 minuteseachtime.Keepwarm whenventilating.

D. How do we attend a meeting?
During the meeting while attending, it is recommended to wear a mask and wash your hands before enter in the meeting room. The meeting staff should be more than one meter apart to reduce the concentration of meetings. Reduce the meeting time. When the meeting time is too long, open the window and ventilate it mainly. For disinfection, it is recommended to soak and disinfect the tea set.

E. How to do it on the way home?
Wash your hands first, then wear a surgical mask before you left. After returning home to remove the mask and wash your hands and with cleaning soap. Clean your phone on soap liquid with care to not goes the soap inside the holes of the phone and then Wipe your mobile phone and keys with a disinfectant wipe 75% alcohol.

F. How to circulate documents?
Wash your hands before and after the transfer, and wear a mask when transferring documents

G. How does phone disinfection work?
The land line phone in the company recommends wiping with 75% alcohol twice a day, which can be increased to four times if used frequently. And if your using your own phone, better to repeat the same thing with your cell phone as well 4 time a day.

7.How  to wash hands correctly?
To wash your hand correctly multiple times in a day is very important to avoid infection of the virus now a days. Washing hand correctly is one of the most effective measures to prevent diarrhea and respiratory infection. It is recommended to wash hands full with soap and water (running water).

8.How to use mask correctly?
The forehead dark one. The ear will be facing out. The surgical mask has a metal stripe nose brace. For the metal strip portion, first wash your hands over the mask, hang the rope around your ears at both ends, and press the metal strip with your hands on both sides of the face, so that the upper end of the mask is close to the face beam and extend downwards, so that the mask doesn't leave the wrinkles, covering the mouth and nose.
It is not recommended that ordinary people wear the medical protective mask with form of breathing tube, because if they wear it for a long time, the poor air permeability will lead to hypoxia.

9. Our suggestion
In the face of the epidemic, China is organized. Everybody is cooperating with the government's actions. The health workers are very patient too, and we don't panic!

We do hope that all countries will be well when our epidemic situation is under control!

It is a number of protections our organization has provided. Currently all 34 employees in our organization and over 60 workshop workers are still tainted with none of our family members. This is an incredibly positive news. We strongly believe that we are generating conscious results and appreciate them!

Currently most Chinese companies and workshops have reopened workplace. We have also issued and organized several umbrella orders, too!
I hope all our dear customers will add great importance to them and secure themselves according to the above-mentioned sharing.

Welcome to China after the virus, to meet FMUSER and we are heartily waiting for you to welcome you at our office.

If you need protection product, please feel free to contact us:, Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18319244009

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