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Chinese expert team carrying supplies to support Italy, visiting to epidemic-stricken area

Date:2020/3/20 12:10:53 Hits:

Italy ’s new crown epidemic continued to be severe. As of 18:00 on the 14th local time, the number of confirmed cases of Italian new crown pneumonia increased by 3,497 compared with the previous day, the number of confirmed cases rose to 21,157, and a total of 1,441 deaths.

Comprehensive media reported on March 15 that the anti-epidemic medical expert group jointly established by the National Health Committee of China and the Chinese Red Cross Society arrived in Rome, Italy on the evening of the 12th local time, and began technical exchanges with relevant local institutions on the 13th.

Workers unload medical supplies from a Chinese charter plane at Rome's Femisino Airport on March 12. On the same day, a charter flight carrying members of the medical team and several tons of medical supplies from China arrived in Rome to help Italy fight the coronavirus epidemic. 

On March 14, a team of Chinese medical experts went to the Affiliated Hospital of the Italian National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome and conducted business exchanges within the hospital. On the same day, the Chinese medical team also introduced the latest seventh edition of the new crown pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan to the Italian Institute of Infectious Diseases.

In the next few days, the Chinese medical expert group will visit the Italian National Institute of Infectious Diseases, the Italian Higher Institute of Health and other institutions, and then travel north to Milan, Padova and other regions with severe outbreaks to conduct field inspections of first-line hospitals.
Sun Shuopeng, the leader of the Chinese Medical Experts Group and vice president of the Red Cross, said at a press conference that all sectors of the Italian society have begun to attach importance to the epidemic, and the government has adopted effective measures such as "closing the city." However, if the measures are taken properly, the situation is expected to change soon.

The director of the Italian National Institute of Higher Health, Silvio Brusaferro, said at the press conference: This is an important opportunity for us to exchange experience with China on epidemic prevention. Through comparison, we can obtain useful and useful lessons experience. Here I would like to reiterate my thanks to these Chinese experts who came to Italy.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio stressed that the experience brought by Chinese experts is extremely valuable for Italy to fight the epidemic.

According to Zhang Boli, an expert from the Chinese Central Steering Group and president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese medical experts brought two Chinese patent medicines to support Italy. These include Lianhua Qingwen Capsule, which has been recommended by many regions in China for the diagnosis and treatment of new pneumonia, and has become the most recommended Chinese patent medicine.

Borelli, the head of Italy ’s civil protection department and commissioner of the New Crown Virus Emergency Committee, said on the 14th that as of 18:00 local time, 3,497 new cases were confirmed in Italy, and the total number of confirmed cases rose to 21,157, with a total of 1,441 deaths and a total of 1,966 cures. . In addition, several Italian senior officials have been diagnosed with the new crown virus.

In order to prevent the further spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Italy entered the state of "capped cities" from March 10, and closed all shops except food stores and drug stores nationwide from the 12th, but public transportation, logistics, post offices, banks and food The production industry will operate and operate normally to ensure basic life services to the public.

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