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Function of Repeater with Advantage and Disadvantage

Date:2020/9/10 17:11:03 Hits:

A repeater is the simplest facility used for network interconnection

1.The major function is to receive a network signal from one LAN terminal cable segment and to regenerate and retransmit the signal as it is in its original strength over a one or more other cable segment.

2.Basically repeater regenerates the strength of the signal before transmitting it.

3.Repeaters operate in the OSI model Physical layer and are transparent to all the protocols operating in the layers above the Physical layer.

4.Repeaters allow a network to be constructed to exceed the size limit of a single, physical, cable segment.

5.The number of repeaters that can be used intended is generally limited by a particular LAN implementation. Using a repeater between two or more LAN cables segment requires that the same physical layer protocol be used to send signal over all the cable segments.

Advantages of a repeater

  ●  Simple to connect

  ●  Cost effective

  ●  Ability to strengthen signal

Disadvantages of a repeater

  ● Repeaters provide no method for isolating traffic generated on one cable segment from traffic generated by the other cable segment.

  ● When network uses a repeater to connect cable segment A to segment B whether or not there is a station in segment B that is the destination of the signal.

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