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How Much Broadcast Equipment Is Needed to Operate a Low Power FM Radio Station?

Date:2020/9/14 11:13:31 Hits:

FM Radio

FM stands for “Frequency Modulation,” and, unlike AM radio, sound is transmitted through changes in frequency. While both FM and AM radio signals experience frequent changes in amplitude, they are far less noticeable on FM. During an FM broadcast, slight changes in amplitude go unnoticed because the audio signal is presented to the listener through changes in frequency, not amplitude. So, when you’re switching between stations, your FM antenna is alternating between different frequencies, and not amplitudes, which produces a much cleaner sound and allows for smoother transitions with little to no audible static.

There are pros and cons of both AM and FM radio, but the better sound quality of FM radio makes it more desirable for those who want to transmit clear and clean sounding audio. And while AM radio has a lower bandwidth and can accommodate more stations, FM radio is generally preferred by those who want to start their own low power broadcast.

The Key Component Of Broadcast To Operate a Station

The key component of every broadcast is the FM transmitter, which is responsible for sending the signal through the airwaves. Naturally, this piece of equipment is a must, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you’re running an LPFM radio station in a building that already has an antenna mast or tower, you can connect to it by just purchasing or leasing space on the existing tower. After you’ve purchased or connected to a transmitter, you’ll need an antenna. The antenna sends the signal into the airwaves. These pieces of equipment make up the essential items that are required to physically receive and send sound signals.


After you’ve assembled your essential equipment, you can take more liberties when choosing pieces like microphones, mixers, equalizers, and monitor speakers. This type of equipment ranges widely in price, so if you’re just starting out, you can purchase cheaper items and then upgrade once you’re familiar with the broadcast process and want to refine the sound you produce. When it comes to broadcasting equipment, price often dictates quality, so a more expensive microphone (provided it’s the right kind for what you’re using it for) will make your voice come through clearer than an inexpensive entry-level microphone. 


If you’re interested in broadcasting on your own low power FM radio station, FMUSER has everything you need to produce a professional sounding show, whether you plan on transmitting mostly spoken word, or recorded or live music. With extensive knowledge of all of the equipment needed to produce a radio show, the experts at FMUSER can help you outfit your home studio with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Contact us today to learn more or to order your equipment!

If you would like to purchase any FM equipments for broadcasting,please feel free to contact us by Email:

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