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Why do we pray on the radio on the COVID-19

Date:2021/2/4 10:26:29 Hits:

The coronavirus pandemic and the necessity for "social distancing" has forced all kinds of changes onto peoples' daily lives. Going to church is no exception: dozens, or hundreds, of people all crammed into one room for an hour or two? Sometimes many of them elderly, and thus in a high-risk group? Uh-uh, no way! Church services are out for the next several weeks, at least.

Going to church every week, in addition to the obvious religious underpinning, is an important part of social life for many, many peoplethat can bring great comfort time for all of us.

That way people still get at least some sense of shared community, but they can stay isolated in their cars and thus practice the necessary "social distancing". Since they can't worship inside, they had a drive-in service.Easy operation, Just plug it in, Hook up the antenna and connect adapter, tune it to the frequency you have chosen and you're on the air. 

FMUSER is a system integration company focusing on RF wireless transmission / studio video audio equipment / streaming and data processing .We are providing everything from advice and consultancy through rack integration to installation, commissioning and training.

Our solution has FM Radio Station /IPTV Live Broadcasting / Streaming Live Broadcast / Video Conference .We are using advanced technology products for all the systems, because we know the high reliability and high performance are so important for the system and solution . Have your members park in the parking lot and stay in their cars; The pastor can stay in their car and power the FM Transmitter using the included car adapter; Using the microphone, which we also include for free, the FM Transmitter will broadcast the sermon to each members’ car radio; Your members only need to tune into the FM station you selected Hope the information helpful to you. Many Churchs set up a stage and speakers in their parking lot on Road and an FM radio station so cars could drive up and worship together.

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