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  • Sound Ideas Sports Music Elements

    **Sports Music & Elements PackageBSW PART: SPORTSMUSICELEMENTS Sound Ideas Sports Music Elements Figure 1The Sound Ideas Sports Music & Elements package contains 210 royalty free music tracks and 333 vocal and effects clips to get the crowd pumped, highli

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  • How to Create Realistic MIDI Bass Parts

    Although I play bass, I mostly prefer using keyboard bass on recordings, not because I’m a better keyboard player, but because I’ve sampled so many basses it’s always possible to find a suitable bass sound within seconds — no plugging, unplugging, tuning, maintenance, or figurin

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  • 5 Survival Tips for Using Laptops Live

    Although many musicians are nervous about using laptops live, I’ve been using them for live performance since the late ’90s, and so far, the only problem I have had wasn’t in concert — it was while giving a seminar (“Hey, don’t worry — that music stand is tightened down really t

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  • AudioScience ASI5788-BOB1038

    Low Profile PCI Express Card ,8 record, 8/16 play/8 out, Analog and Digital ONLY, PCM with Break Out BoxBSW PART: ASI5788-BOB1038 The ASI5788 is a professional Low Profile PCI-Express sound card designed for use in installed sound, entertainment

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  • Steinberg CC121

    Advanced Integration USB ControllerBSW PART: CC121 The Steinberg CC121 Advanced Integration Controller provides totally integrated tactile control of Steinberg's Cubase range of production systems, and maintains complete focus on your produ

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  • Maximizing Your Studio Monitors

    No matter what studio monitors (speakers) you are using, here are some tips for getting the best results in your space. Set Up Your Monitors Setting up your studio monitors is critically important, and here are pointers to get you started.

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  • What Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C Mean to Musicians and Engineers

    When standards like Thunderbolt and USB evolve, it seems the inevitable result is more complications — like needing different cables, connectors, and adapters. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this kind of evolution instead resulted in a simpler world, so you could just get on with m

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  • Digigram VX822E

    Analog & Digital I/O CardBSW PART: VX822E The Digigram VX822E multichannel sound card offers 2/8 analog I/O and 2/8 digital I/O and 24-bit/192 kHz converters to handle demanding applications in broadcast such as live-assist, perman

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  • New Gear from PreSonus

    PreSonus has clearly been keeping busy — they’re about to drop a pair of killer USB interfaces, a state-of-the art personal mixer, and two great-sounding digital stage boxes all at once. We’re massive PreSonus fans here at Sweetwater, so we were stoked to be able to gain a sneak

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  • Lynx HILO-USB

    A/D D/A Converter SystemBSW PART: HILO-USB The Lynx Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter System provides two channels of mastering quality analog to digital conversion, up to eight channels of digital to analog conversion, a secondary monitor output, and a world

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