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Choosing the Right Microphone for Radio Broadcast

Date:2019/8/21 11:48:09 Hits:

After you’ve assembled the necessary equipment to broadcast your signal through the airwaves, you can begin to pick and choose certain items that will enhance your broadcast. The most important component to ensure that your voice carries well through the airwaves is a microphone. But with so many types of microphones on the market, how can you know which will best suit your voice?

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When choosing a microphone, people often ask the question, “Which one is the best?” This question doesn’t have a definite answer because, while there are certainly microphones that are better than others (price is usually a good clue), different voices can benefit from different microphones. Also, while some microphones are high performers in one category, such as condenser microphones for recorded voice, they can be poor performers in another category, such as condenser microphones for miking the live sound of a loud electric guitar amplifier.

One helpful thing to consider as you begin searching for a microphone is frequency response. That is, you should find out what ranges of frequency a microphone is suited for in order to find the best one for your needs. For instance, a large diaphragm microphone is engineered to pick up lower frequencies like a deep male voice, a bass guitar, or a bass drum. A smaller diaphragm microphone is designed to pick up high frequencies, such a female voice, the shiny, shimmering sound of cymbals, or the clear high tones of an acoustic guitar.

So, essentially, the best microphone is the one that is designed to pick up the frequencies you’ll be putting out and one that you can use with minimal technical problems. When all other factors are equal, you should choose the microphone that requires the simplest setup to enable you to record quickly and easily. If you can “plug and play,” you’ve found the right microphone.

Whether you’re looking for a microphone to complete your radio broadcast setup, or you’re starting from scratch and need to assemble all of the necessary components, contact FMUSER today to choose from a wide selection of the best equipment for setting up and producing a professional radio broadcast.

If you would like to boost your FM radio transmitter or need any other FM equipment, please feel free to contact us:

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