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Tascam Series 208I

Date:2020/2/14 15:23:12 Hits:

USB Audio MIDI Interface with Input ExpansionBSW PART: SERIES-208I


Expandability, both internal and bundled effects processing, internal mixing, external software control, and more for studio, home, and live recording. With a new look, including an angled tabletop design and large, easy-to-grab knobs, TASCAM sets a new standard for mid-grade audio interfaces. TASCAM SERIES audio interfaces feature a large, easy-to-grab Monitor control knob that ensures you can quickly adjust the monitor output level. Their angled tabletop design offers easy access to all front-panel controls. A handy Monitor Balance control enables mixing live input with computer playback for zero-latency monitoring. Each analog input channel is served by an individually switched +48 volt phantom power supply for condenser microphones.


Main Features:

* Four XLR/TRS combo mic/line/instrument inputs

* Four transparent, natural-sounding, ultra-low noise TASCAM Ultra-HDDA mic preampli*ers

* Two optical S/MUX expansion ports that accept up to 16 channels of audio input (20 total inputs)

* 8 *-inch analog line outputs for versatile monitoring and up to 7.1 surround audio

* Built-in effects: reverb, compressor, four-band EQ

* Powerful 8 bus mixer DSP input/output mixer controlled with free TASCAM Control software

* Software control of faders, routing, aux buses, effects, and phase invert

* Flexible I/O routing allows any analog, optical or USB audio input to be user-assigned to any output ports

* Up to four aux buses to connect up to four stereo pairs of monitor speakers

* Up to 24-bit/192 kHz recording and playback

* Includes Steinberg DAW software and IK Multimedia world-class guitar e*ects/modeling and mastering software

* MIDI interface

* Word clock in/out

* Dual headphone outputs

* Compatible with Windows / Mac computers and iOS devices (supports UAC2.0)

* USB 2.0 connection and custom USB driver with high stability

* Easy-to-understand operation

* Automatic update function available for software/driver/firmware updates

* Information window function(shown in the Settings Panel screen)

* Direct monitor option for low latency monitoring

* Compatible with mainstream DAW software (Pro Tools, Live, Cubase, Studio One, GarageBand)

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