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  • How Does an FM Antenna Work?

    Imagine being able to send out music and thoughts through energy, electrons and radio waves. An FM antenna does just that. Antennas are sometimes called an aerial. You see antennas every single day of your life. They are built into our cell phones, our cars. Satellite

    Posted on:08-24 View:4
  • What's the Difference Between FM Transmitters and Low Power FM Tr...

    Whether you are a radio broadcasting hobbyist, or a full time disc jockey/talk show host, nothing is more crucial than your radio transmitter. Other components found within this industry such an amplifier, oscillator, modulator, power supply, and antennas are integ

    Posted on:08-22 View:7
  • Choosing the Right Microphone for Radio Broadcast

    After you’ve assembled the necessary equipment to broadcast your signal through the airwaves, you can begin to pick and choose certain items that will enhance your broadcast. The most important component to ensure that your voice carries well through the airwaves is a microphone. But

    Posted on:08-21 View:11
  • How Much Broadcast Equipment Is Needed to Operate a Low Power FM Radio...

    Those who have an interest in operating a low power FM or LPFM radio station, either on behalf of a company, institution, or for personal use, are often intimidated by the prospect of assembling all of the necessary equipment and sending sound through the airwaves. While the process o

    Posted on:08-20 View:8
  • How far will my transmitter go?

    We are often asked "How far will my 100 watt transmitter go?". This question does not have a simple answer. WHY? Because there are so many factors that will determine how far your transmitter will go that there is no single answer to this question. For

    Posted on:08-19 View:9
  • How Television Broadcasting Works

    While millions of people watch television each day, many of them are not quite sure how the technology works. Television has been around for many decades and although some of its components have changed over the years, the way in which television broadcasts work is pretty much the sam

    Posted on:08-16 View:10
  • How to Boost Your FM Radio Transmitter

    An FM radio transmitter is a great device that allows anyone to listen to his or her favorite music playing on an iPod or any other audio device wirelessly, even at a great distance from the audio player. However, there are certain factors that can lessen the signal strength and recep

    Posted on:08-15 View:8
  • Live Sound Mixers: Analog vs. Digital – Which Is Right for You?

    What Is a Mixer? Whether it’s analog or digital, modest or massive, every live sound mixer has a specific job to do, which is to take signal from multiple sources, combine them, and send the results to one or more destinations. The way each mixer accomplishes this goa

    Posted on:08-14 View:8
  • Why Radio Still Matters?

    Ever since the inception of radio, nearly 100 years ago, pundits have been predicting its demise. Time and time again, the predictions fail because radio is one of the most adaptable technologies in the marketplace and continues to fill important niches for consumers.

    Posted on:08-13 View:12
  • What is VSWR: Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

    Standing waves are an important issue when looking at feeders / transmission lines, and the standing wave ratio or more commonly the voltage standing wave ratio, VSWR is as a measurement of the level of standing waves on a feeder. Standing waves represent power that is not accep

    Posted on:08-12 View:23
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